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Appointments with Mr Elvey can be made directly by patients or by referring specialists via the ‘book an appointment button at the top of this page. Insured patients should check with your insurance company whether you require a referral letter from your general practitioner.

It is preferable but not essential to bring with you a referral letter. Insured patients should bring a copy of your policy number and authorisation code. If you have any previous scans or tests that are relevant to the consultation please bring these with as well, as well as a list of any medications you may be taking.

Insured patients should confirm with their insurance company if they are insured for tests and scans. Nerve studies, X-ray, MRI, CT, and ultrasound are the most frequent tests and scans Mr Elvey will request. The hospital will confirm the cost in advance of any test for self-paying patients. If there is availability in the hospital these tests/scans may occur on the same day however when this is not possible patients will need to return for the tests/scan and for a follow up appointment with Mr Elvey to discuss the results.

Mr Elvey may offer treatments for certain conditions on the same day e.g. injections. These will be discussed with you in detail prior to administration. Surgery is rarely performed on the same day with the exception of urgent trauma.

Mr Elvey will go through the details of your admission and procedure in detail with you during your consultation. You may be contacted by the hospital for tests prior to an anaesthetic.  Once the time and date of your operation is confirmed you will be provided with reporting instructions. For patients undergoing general or regional anaesthesia, advice on when you can eat and drink can be found here. If you have any questions at all please contact Mr Elvey’s secretary on +44 203 917 6928 or secretary@michaelelvey.com.

Mr Elvey will see you immediately after the operation to ensure that you are well and provide details of the operation / answer any questions you may have. Many of Mr Elvey’s patients are able to go home on the same day as their surgery but occasionally an overnight stay will be recommended.  A follow up appointment will be arranged with Mr Elvey +/- one of his expert hand therapists for review, stitch removal (if required) and rehabilitation.

During office hours, if you have any concerns please contact Mr Elvey’s secretary on +44 203 917 6928 or at secretary@michaelelvey.com. For help after a procedure out of hours please contact the hospital switchboard (details will be provided on discharge) who will be able to contact Mr Elvey in an emergency.