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Mr Elvey is a consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist surgeon. He graduated from the Royal Free and University College London Medical School in 2007 with MBBS and a BSc Hons in Medical Law. After completing speciality training on the University College London Hospital Programme he was awarded subspecialty Hand and Wrist fellowships at the World renowned Wrightington Upper limb Unit and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. In 2018 he undertook a travelling Observership to the Institute De La Main, Paris, France and in 2019 he was awarded the Gold Medal for the highest performance in the British Postgraduate Hand Diploma examination.

Mr Elvey holds an NHS consultant post at University College London NHS Foundation Trust where he supervises trainees in his role of treating all aspects of Hand and Wrist surgery in both adults and children. He publishes regularly in peer- reviewed journals, has received numerous research prizes, and presents regularly at national and international scientific meetings. He has contributed to major textbooks, is a reviewer for the top hand and wrist publications and maintains an active interest in medical law.

Mr Elvey’s special interests include joint replacement surgery, keyhole surgery and sports injuries where he treats amateur weekend warriors through to elite athletes participating in country cricket and the premier league.

Away from medicine Mr Elvey has a passion for sport and enjoys spending time with his young family.


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  • November 2012

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  • May 2012

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  • March 2011

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  • February 2011

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  • February 2011

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  • January 2008

    Recurrent hypoglycaemia, ketosis & lactic acidosis in a 17 year old –  presentation of an inborn error of metabolism’. A Kazmi, M Elvey. Endocrine Abstracts (2008) 15 P86.


  • March 2019

    Vivian Lees Gold Medal for highest performance in the BSSH Postgraduate Hand Diploma examination (BSSH, Birmingham)

  • May 2018

    Sir Rodney Sweetnam Prize, Best Presentation of 2018 UCLH and Middlesex Society Research Meeting, ISSEH, UK)

  • November 2017

    British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) Best Trainee Paper Prize, Autumn meeting, Edinburgh, UK

  • September 2014

    UCLHprogramme representative, British Orthopaedic Association Congress Best of the Best Trainee Research Prize, Brighton, UK

  • April 2009

    Medewar Medal finalist:A.O. Mahendran, M. Elvey, et al. ‘Early renal transplant protocol biopsies directly influence patient management’. British Transplant Society.

  • November 2008

    Clinical award; Certificate for Excellent Care Provision and Consistent Performance Under Extreme Pressure (Chase Farm Hospital).

  • July 2008

    Infection Control Champion Certificate (Orthopaedic Audit Prize).

  • August 2007

    Prankard Jones Elective Award, Royal Free University College Medical School.

  • February 2007

    MTAS rank 1 in North Central Thames (Joint top in UK)

  • April 2006

    Clinical Neurosciences (Merit award).

  • May 2006

    Public Health – Global Health Prize (Undergraduate Year Prize), Royal Free University College Medical School.

International Presentations

The Outcome of Bone Graft Surgery for Non-Union of Fractures of the Scaphoid – Podium (M Elvey et al, International Federation of Societies of Hand Surgery, Berlin, Germany)

 ‘Propionibacterium acnes infection: a first reported case in the native wrist joint” Poster (McKean, D, M Elvey et al, International Federation of Societies of Hand Surgery, Berlin, Germany)

Functional Outcomes of Elbow Injuries Managed According To The Wrightington Classification Of Elbow Fracture Dislocation’s– Podium (Hamoodi Z, M Elvey et al, EFORT, Lisbon, Portugal)

‘Dip & Drip; the Impact of Different Methods of Excess Water Expulsion on the Strength of Plaster of Paris BackslabsM Elvey et al (British Hand Society, Edinburgh, UK)

‘Total Wrist Arthroplasty – a review of current evidence”, E Sorene, M Elvey (Israeli Orthopaedic Association, Herzliya, Israel) 

‘Paediatric Wrist Sprains – A Study Of Epidemiology And The Diagnostic Impact Of MRI”, 

M H Elvey et al, (Podium Presentation – EFORT, Prague, Czech Republic)

Controversies in the management of acute Ulnar Collateral Ligament injuries’

E Sorene, M Elvey (Biomet Hand and Wrist Master class, Barcelona, Spain)

“Early to mid-term follow-up of trapeziectomy with tie-in trapezium implant arthroplasty for osteoarthritis of the thumb carpometacarpal joint’ 

M Elvey et al (European Association of Nation Federations of Orthopaedics, London, UK)

Radial head excision for the treatment of displaced radial head 

fractures in a young, active population – a retrospective long term 


E Avisar, M Elvey et al (Israeli Orthopaedic Association, Tel Aviv, Israel).

Clostridial Collagenase in Dupuytrens Disease – The London Experience’

E. Sorene, M. Elvey (Israel Society for Surgery of the Hand, Tel Aviv, Israel).

Tendon Transfers for Radial Nerve Palsy Following Humeral Shaft Fractures’. E. Sorene, M. Elvey (Presentation – The 21st ISSH (Israel Society for Surgery of the Hand) Annual Meeting and Symposia, Tel Aviv, Israel).

Long-Term Follow-Up of Trapeziectomy with Abductor Pollicis Longus Tendon Interposition Arthroplasty of the Trapezio-Metacarpal Joint’

M. Elvey et al. (Podium Presentation – Combined 33rd SICOT & 17th PAOA Orthopaedic World Conference, Dubai, UAE).

‘Metastasis of parotid basal cell adenocarcinoma to the hand’  

M Elvey et al. Published abstract 17th International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery, Moscow, Russia.